Frequently Asked Questions from Parents/Family

If my student tells me that they are having trouble with assignments, how can I help?

Suggest to your student that they speak with their academic advisor to make a plan for academic help. We understand that it is second nature to want to help them yourself, but students need to get in the habit of seeking out help from available resources on campus. We can help them get connected to tutors, peer supports, and other available supports.

What if my student is shy and will not initiate social connections?

  • Connections to the University are a strong focus of the freshman year
  • There are requirements within the program of study that lends to regular support to make these connections happen and to promote success within.
  • Support sessions are geared toward teaching students how to research and connect with others.

How will I keep up with my student’s progress?

Students will receive their grades every semester. All students can sign a FERPA privacy agreement that the University must follow, but they can give written permission for grades to be shared. We advise parents to speak directly with their student about their grades, or their plan for sharing this information. If you have questions about the content of a course, students should have a copy of their syllabus. This will give you a good idea of the content and format of the course.

Mid-way through the semester, the academic team identifies students whose progress is of concern, and those students meet with their academic advisor. At this point in time, their advisor will request permission to notify parents and/or other members of student’s support team. If students are put on academic probation, parents will be notified.