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Integrative Community Studies

Integrative Community Studies is a four-year certificate program of study offered by the Office of the Provost and coordinated by the Office of Comprehensive Transition and Post-Secondary Education, designed to support students in exploring and planning for their life goals and career aspirations while promoting active community engagement. The program of study offers a flexible, interdisciplinary approach to meeting learning outcomes, as well as universally designed academic instruction and support. Curricular themes are centered around Self-Determination, Life Planning, and Career Development.

Integrative Community Studies supports each student in developing an understanding of how to build personal assets and social capital in their community of choice. Self-directed seminars guide students through the development of individualized academic programs that include concrete steps necessary for engaging with the community in a meaningful way. Students also work closely with their advisors and instructors to more deeply explore principles of strategic life planning, culminating in a post-graduation portfolio. Students are offered internship experiences related to personal, career, business, and/or civic interests. Integrative Community Studies also assists students with accessing desired interdisciplinary courses offered by other UNCG departments. Credit earned in these courses is applicable to the Integrative Community Studies certificate only. This certificate does not lead to a degree, nor does the current program of study offer transferable credit for other academic programs of study.

Certificate Requirements

Completion of 120 credit hours
Completion of Senior Capstone Project
Maintenance of 2.0 minimum GPA
Completion of 78 Discovery/Experiential Hours
Completion of 78 Service Learning/Experiential Hours
Completion of 156 Internship Hours
Completion of 156 Internship/Job development hours