Beyond Academics

Course Offerings


CTP 104 Principles of Advocacy
Introduction to principles of advocacy with emphasis on self-determination and personal responsibility in relationship to self, peers, and community.

CTP 124 Human Rights
Overview of concepts related to human rights, including Universal Declaration of Human Rights, different civil rights movement in the U.S., and the impact of discrimination on marginalized groups.

CTP 158 Introduction to Dimensions of Campus and Community
Introduction to exploring a new campus community and making the most out of what it has to offer socially and recreationally, given individual interest and desires.

CTP 204 Self-Determination and Community Engagement
Through this course, students will explore and apply knowledge of the relationship between personal advocacy and self-determination in the context of community engagement.
Prerequisites: CTP 104

CTP 214 Legislative Action
Exploration of the basic functions of the various branches and areas of government, legislative processes, options for taking action, and personal interaction with legislators and public officials.

CTP 258 Dimensions of Campus and Community/Sophomore
Follow-up to CTP 158, with emphasis on personal reflection and development of ability to adapt to a variety of social and recreational activities and/or settings in the greater community.
Prerequisites: CTP 158

CTP 314 Planning to Protect Your Rights
Exploration of individualized methods of goal planning and development of community and natural support networks with eye to preservation of person centered process.
Prerequisites: CTP 224

CTP 324 Directing your Resources
Interactive seminar designed to broaden knowledge of philosophy of self-direction and practical strategies for building self-directed supports in the community.
Prerequisites: CTP 314


CTP 106 Introduction to Personal Finance
Introduction to basic financial literacy skills including assessment of personal resources, budgeting and goal setting, and prioritization/tracking of personal spending habits.

CTP 111 Academic Success Planning
Introduction to student-centered academic planning and goal setting with emphasis on strategies for success in college environment.

CTP 126 Financial Services, Providers, and Products
Designed to increase knowledge of the different characteristics and functions of financial services and providers in the U.S., along with exploration of personal relationship to banking.

CTP 190 Personal Performance Practicum/Freshman
Course designed to enhance student’s understanding of personal management and success through experiential learning activities.

CTP 206 Financial Security on a Budget
Expanding knowledge of personal finance methods and strategies for maximizing financial resources as a student in college.
Prerequisites: CTP 106

CTP 211 Navigating College Life
Interactive seminar designed to build on student’s knowledge of personal responsibility skills required for successful navigation of life on campus and in community.

CTP 224 Holistic Success Planning
Provides overview of person-centered planning methods and opportunity for deeper engagement through class-led planning activities.

CTP 226 Introduction to Principles of Asset Building
Introduction to principles of asset building, including management of public benefits, car and home ownership, development of personal savings plans, and credit management.

CTP 290- Personal Performance Practicum/Sophomore
Course designed to give students an opportunity to further develop personal management and success through experiential learning activities.

CTP 306 Essential Elements of Credit/Debit Management
Expansion of knowledge of credit building and management skills including ability to protect oneself against identity theft, impact of bankruptcy and other concepts related to long-term financial stability.
Prerequisites: CTP 206

CTP 326 Financial Planning Seminar/Juniors
Interactive seminar that provides overview of taxpayer rights and responsibilities, federal and state tax regulations, expansion of asset building strategies, and development of post-college financial plan.
Prerequisites: CTP 106; CTP 206; CTP 306

CTP 404 Senior Seminar
Interactive seminar that focuses on the development of presentation skills and strategies for the effective use of the senior capstone portfolio as a tool for sustained self-direction.

CTP 490 Senior Capstone Portfolio
Development of senior portfolio that outlines student progress and overall command of the learning outcomes within the program of study.


CTP 257 Career Exploration
Exploration of personal interests and strengths related to career goals; resume building, informational interviewing and other discovery related activities.

CTP 267 Internship Preparation
Professional preparation and planning for 156 hour internship experience.
Prerequisites: CTP 257

CTP 393 Internship
Practical experience in desired career field.
Prerequisites: CTP 257; CTP 267

CTP 492 Internship and Job Development
Practical experience in desired career field with emphasis on development of skills necessary to identify job-related needs and negotiate with potential employers.
Prerequisites: CTP 257; CTP 267; CTP 393