Preston Spivey


Office: 3602 MHRA Building

Research Interests

Post-secondary transition; Life planning for individuals with disabilities; Universally Designed Instruction; Community accessibility; Social justice; Job seeking skills for individuals with disabilities; underrepresented students; Mental health


  • M.A.T., Special Education, Winston-Salem State University
  • B.S., Marketing, Winston-Salem State University


Preston Spivey is the Transition and Life Planning Coordinator for the CTPE at UNC Greensboro. He began working with the office of Comprehensive Transition and Post-Secondary Education (CTPE) in the Fall of 2018. Preston has been working with people with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities since 2015 as an educator and health care provider. His professional duties include being responsible for the overall management of the Life Planning division and instruction of its related curricular components. Preston’s position works in partnership with other key divisions of the Integrative Community Studies (ICS) program of study to support students and families. His leadership position is designed to shape and foster those maturing student and family relationships which contribute to student retention and positive student outcomes. He currently is an instructor for the practicum courses for First Year, Sophomore, and Senior level students.