Beyond Academics

Student Support

A combination of paid and non-paid supports assist ICS students in having a comprehensive university experience that prepares them for life after graduation, and encourages the development of natural supports. First-year and Sophomore students typically receive frequent paid supports, while Juniors and Seniors are connected to friends, service learning students, and as-needed Advising.

Student Support Staff

Campus and Community Support students provide support services in the most natural manner, with “services” unnoticed by other student peers. Areas of focus include:

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Home maintenance


  • Campus and Community Participation
  • Recreation and Leisure Exploration
  • Natural Support Development

Academic Support

  • Development of Routines
  • Organizational Skills
  • Study Habits

Student Support Advisors

  • Relationship, social, campus and community resource guidance, supportive counseling and mentoring
  • Accessible contact and guidance offered to support students with problem solving
  • Support and mentoring to part-time degree-seeking college student employees and those who are volunteering or interning in the course of study

Departmental Collaborations

Several UNCG departments have students completing volunteer hours with ICS students to meet course requirements. Service learning opportunities assist ICS students in transitioning from paid to natural supports.